Pedagogical knowledge and disciplinary childhood educator: A study in southern Chile

Saavedra, S.M.
Quilaqueo Rapimán, Daniel
Sepúlveda, P.U.
Datos de publicación:
Perfiles Educativos, Vol. 32, Nº130, 49-66, 2010
Conocimiento pedagógico - Saber ser - Saber hacer - Región de la Araucanía
This article allows us to know more about the knowledge handled by the educators who work with boys and girls younger than 3 years around the categories of to know, to know how and to know how to be. The purpose is to understand the pedagogical and disciplinary knowledge they own in order to see how their professional role has an influence on the pertinence and quality of education. It is well known that during this period the abilities of thinking, talking, learning and reasoning use to develop, hence the great responsibility of education in that stage. The research is based on the qualitative methodology and to gather the information a questionnaire and a survey were applied to twenty participants, together with classroom observation and a focal group. One of the main discoveries was that the participants showed a great lack of the conceptual control and a great ignorance of the main contributions and new focuses of today's Pedagogy, based on the discovery of neurosciences within the field of education. This shows clearly the lack of educational intentionality with which the educators of children aged three or less take on the pedagogical process.