Amounts of conjugate linoleic acid (ALC) in lacteal foods in Chile

Datos de publicación:
Revista Chilena de Nutricion, Vol. 36, N° 2, 143-150, 2009
ALC - Ácido linoléico conjugado - Productos lácteos
The amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (ALC) - Isomers: cis-9, trans-11, trans-10, cis-12 and cis-10, cis-12- were measured in a milk tank of the NESTLE Company and of diary food in Chile and were analyzed through gas chromatography. The ALC was found higher (p <0.05) in samples taken in the city of Osorno compared to milk of the city of Los Angeles. The highest value was found during spring in Osorno (1,72 g/100 g), while the lowest value (0,415 g/100 g) was found in winter in Los Angeles. The average amount of ALC in milk powder and con-densed milk was of 1,967 and 1,493 g/100 g, respectively, during 2004. Butter, cheese and cream had respectively an average of 1,502, 0,883 and 1,900 g/100 g. In conclusion, the diary products analyzed have a high value of ALC in Chile.