Importance of teaching practical wisdom as a source of knowledge base for teaching anatomy

Datos de publicación:
International Journal of Morphology, Vol. 28 , N°1, 219-226, 2010
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Practical wisdom is one of the proposed base knowledge to generate best practices for teachings in the field of medicine. A methodological qualitative-comprehensive design was proposed with the purpose of describing the importance of the didactical practical wisdom as source of base knowledge for the teaching of anatomy by the faculty of the Universidad Mayor of Temuco, this was done based on the founded theory, constant comparative method and principles of triangulation and convergence. The sample was composed of the entire faculty team for the anatomy course. For the analysis of the data, open codification was considered, from which two categories surfaced: a) expert performance and b) principles of practical wisdom. The techniques for data gathering were: ethnographic observation, semi structured interview and focus groups. The processing of the verbal data was done by means of a software for qualitative analysis, Atlas-ti version 5.0. The results of the study show that didactical practical wisdom is a source of relevant knowledge in all pedagogical practice, assessing it as the principal base knowledge for the training in medicine, therefore a challenge is made to all professionals involved in teaching medicine to transition from basic professionalism into an expert one.