In-plant training in the higher technical level training (Professional training) in Chile

Lagos Vargas, Rodrigo
Cardenas Saldaña, Norma
Nass Álvarez, Juan L.
Datos de publicación:
Opcion, Vol. 34, N° 87, 431-457, 2018
Entrenamiento Profesional - Calidad Docente - Educación Técnica - Universidad-Industria
It seeks to establish the correspondence of the results of the grades obtained by the students of technical careers in the Initial Practice, its relation with characteristics of the income profile and to know the evaluation that they make of the process. A descriptive, correlational, non-experimental, mixed-focus study. The findings indicate that the academic results of the first year of the race correlate significantly with the results obtained in Initial Practice, there being significant differences that favor women. There is a positive perception of the process, but more administrative and pedagogical planning is required in connection with the company.