Androcentrism in the critical multimodal discursive co-building of appraisal meanings in history teaching

Fernández Darraz, María Cecilia
Baeza Duffy, Patricia
Datos de publicación:
Literatura y Lingüística, N°38, 251-274, 2018
Androcentrismo - Discurso Evaluativo - Enseñanza - Historia
The article analyzes the androcentrism in the critical multimodal discursive co-construction of meanings, which have emerged in History class in La Araucanía Region, Chile. The analysis is based on an intersubjective and critical perspective, which is framed the paradigm of the Systemic-Functional Linguistics, and integrates the Appraisal Model, Multimodal Discourse Analysis and Critical Discourse Studies. The corpus analyzed is composed of the videotaped class in which the incorporation of women to different fields of society during the middle of the twentieth century is analyzed. The results show the intersemiotic discursive co-construction of evaluative prosodies. They work to legitimize or delegitimize social actors, historical processes and events by means of different strategies as well as macrostrategies of perpetuation and transformation.