Teaching for understanding and school sport: a study in an intercultural context and situation of social risk

Carter Thuillier, Bastián
López Pastor, Víctor
Gallardo Fuentes, Francisco
Datos de publicación:
Infancia y Aprendizaje, Vol.41, N°3, 491-535
Educación Intercultural - Cultura Mapuche - Deporte - Actividad Física
his study analyses the integration of Mapuche-Huilliche students who participate in a school sport programme based on the teaching for understanding model in a situation of social risk. In this context, 41 students (aged nine to 12) participate, 24 of whom are from the aforementioned ethnic group. To collect data, participant observation was conducted for eight months and group and individual interviews were held. The results show that the Mapuche-Huilliche students recognize themselves as members of the same collective when participating in games associated with their ethnic group. Their main motives for participating in school sport are the teaching approach and the acquisition of social capital. Cooperative learning activities are shown to foster positive interactions with non-Mapuche students