Remote lab experiments: Opening possibilities for distance learning in engineering fields

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Herrera Gamboa, Oriel
Alves, G.R.
Fuller, David
Aldunate Vera, Roberto
Datos de publicación:
IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, Vol.210, 321-325, 2006
Ingeniería - Educación a distancia - Innovaciones educativas - Tecnologías de la información
Remote experimentation laboratories are systems based on real equipment, allowing students to perform practical work through a computer connected to the internet. In engineering fields lab activities play a fundamental role. Distance learning has not demonstrated good results in engineering fields because traditional lab activities cannot be covered by this paradigm. These activities can be set for one or for a group of students who work from different locations. All these configurations lead to considering a flexible model that covers all possibilities (for an individual or a group). An inter-continental network of remote laboratories supported by both European and Latin American institutions of higher education has been formed. In this network context, a learning collaborative model for students working from different locations has been defined. The first considerations are presented.