Modeling and simulation of a biofilter for treatment of gas contaminated with sulfur compounds

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Vergara-Fernández, Alberto
Aroca, Germán E.
Alarcón, N.A.
Encina Montoya, Francisco
Datos de publicación:
Información Tecnológica, Vol. 13, N°3, 17-24, 2002
Modelo matemático - Biofiltro
A mathematical model and the simulation of a biofilter for the treatment of gaseous effluents are presented. The mixture included sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide and dimethyl disulfide, all dissolved in air. The conditions under which restrictions on diffusion are of less importance than biodegradation, which is the ultimate limiting factor, were determined. The model was applied to the biofilm and the results were used to simulate the behavior of the bioreactor. The flows and maximum concentrations of contaminants in the mixture to be treated for a given size of bioreactor, were determined. Also, the concentration-related variations in the efficiency of the removal of contaminants under varying conditions of flow and concentration in the mixture, were established. It was found that biodegradation in the biofilm was the limiting factor for mixtures with concentrations of contaminants greater than 90 ppm.