Superior and medium water quality in traiguén river. IX region-chile

Rivera, Nelson R.
Encina Montoya, Francisco
Palma, Rodrigo
Mejías, Patricia
Datos de publicación:
Informacion Tecnologica, Vol. 20, N°4, 75-84, 2009
Calidad del agua - Caracterización físico-química - Microbiología - Estaciones de muestreo
The water quality in the upper and medium zone of Traiguén river in the Araucanía region was studied in the present work. Physico-chemical and microbiological parameters were measured at six sample stations in a zone that goes from close to the origin of the river to the limits of the city of Victoria with Traiguén. The influence of the Victoria town on the water quality of Traiguen river generates as consequence low values of studied parameters that were reported in sampling stations 1 and 2 located in the surrounding of Victoria town. A different situation was reported in stations 3, 4 and 5, that show the effects of waste dispose by milky industries, leather industries and waste water respectively. The results of microbiological parameters denoted that the water of all sampled stations can not be used for human use because the parameters are upper than regulations. Also, limitations were denoted in their ecological parameters, and for their use in irrigating and recreational activities.