Optimal Control of PV/Wind/Hydro-Diesel Hybrid Power Generation System for Off-grid Macro Base Transmitter Station Site

Agronomía - Ingeniería Civil Ambiental - Ingeniería Civil Química - Ingeniería en Recursos Naturales Renovables
Facultad de Recursos Naturales
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Electronic Journal of Energy & Environment, Vol. 1, Nº 2, 37-55, 2013
Control estratégico - Energía renovable - Optimización - Sistema híbrido
An operational control system was proposed in order to control and supervise the operations of PV/Wind/Hydro-Diesel hybrid power generation systems at GSM base station sites. The control system was developed in such a way that it coordinates when power should be generated by renewable energy (PV panels, wind turbine and hydro turbine) and when it should be generated by diesel generators. This system is intended to maximize the use of the renewableenergy system while limiting the use of the diesel generator. The diesel generator is utilized only when the demand cannot be met by the renewable energy sources including battery bank. A developed control system was used to study the operations of the hybrid PV/Wind/Hydro-Diesel energy system. The control simulation shows that the developed control system reduces the operational hours of the diesel generator thereby reducing the running cost of the hybrid energy system and pollutant emissions. From the simulation result, the developed control system reduces the operational hours of the diesel generator from 7,106 h yr-1 to 1,786 h yr-1 saving 28,087 L of fuel annually, and thereby preventing about 73,961 kg of CO2 from entering the environment of the studied area. This control system is suitable for use in a more complex hybrid system.

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