Observations on Phallocryptus spinosa (Branchiopoda, Anostraca) populations from the high plateaus of Northeastern Algeria

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Sustainability, Agri, Food and Environmental Research, Vol.2, N°4, 22-31, 2014
Phallocryptus spinosa - Crustáceos - Fauna acuática
Phallocryptus spinosa (Thamnocephalidae) is a small primitive crustacean which lives in temporary saline pools of the Palaearctic region called Chott, Sebkha, Garâa or Daya in North Africa. Data on its biology and life history are very scarce despite its ecological importance in wetlands. Four populations living in the Northeastern High Plateaus of Algeria, Garâas Guellif, El-Tarf, Ank Djemel and Sebkha Ez-Zemoul, have been studied in point of view of their morphmetry (13 parameters) and their reproduction. The population of Sebkha Ez-Zemoul, living in higher salinities and in sympatry with Artemia salina was different from the 3 other populations that are close together. Its adults are the largest (21.77 ± 2.34 mm and 23.65 ± 2.36 mm for males and females respectively) and produce more cysts 771.47±8.45 cysts/brood of 293.11±10.41 μm diameter. Associated carcinological fauna and some behavioral traits are also approached.