Impact of the climate change on the West coast of Algeria: Gulf of Oran, Arzew and Mostaganem

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Sustainability, Agri, Food and Environmental Research, Vol.2, N°3, 1-15, 2014
Cambio climático - Ecosistemas - Medioambiente
Different hydro climatic conditions at and above a continental shelf have significant effects on the ecology of the environment (temperature, nutrient richness and pelagic production). Indeed, bioclimatic changes defined clearly reflects the prevailing conditions imposed above the continental shelf. Based on contributions made to the sea (rainfall, temperature, wind ...) and those put together by the internal dynamics can be distinguished marine years that correspond to low enrichment in terms of any change in continental and marine conditions generally short and strong enrichment of years corresponding to eventful years and transformations of continental and marine conditions, strong shifts in time. Thus, a hot or cold but very fluctuating period influence the marine ecosystem and phytoplankton growth. Also, the impact of development on the coastal and marine environment is localized mainly in the coastal metropolitan areas characterized by high urbanization and concentration of activities.