Presence of Cyrtograpsus angulatus Dana, 1851 (Decapoda, Brachyura) on the Chilean northern Patagonian coast

De Los Ríos Escalante, Patricio
Figueroa Muñoz, Guillermo
Kies, Fatima
Datos de publicación:
Crustaceana, Vol.91, N°3, 353-361
Aponogeton - Zooplancton - Crustáceos - Crustáceos-Patagonia Norte de Chile
The marine fauna of decapod Crustacea, in all its diversity, can be negatively affected as a result of environmental changes, both on a local or a global scale. The present study aims to report the existence of Cyrtograpsus angulatus Dana, 1851, on the northern Patagonian coast, while concurrently describing some other decapod species associated with the various habitats. C. angulatus was originally described from the Chilean coast north of 36°43S, and the present study revealed its presence down to 44°S. In the estuaries investigated, C. angulatus is the exclusive decapod species, whereas in coastal zones it can coexist with other species of marine decapods. Nevertheless, according to the null model of the co-occurrence of species, the species associations tested did not show any structured pattern. Some ecological and biogeographical patterns in relation to this species and its biocoenoses are discussed