Micropogonias manni as a bioindicator for copper in Lake Budi (IX Region, Chile)

Tapia, J.
Durán, E.
Peña Cortés, Fernando
Hauenstein Barra, Enrique
Bertrán, Carlos
Schlatter, Roberto
Vargas Chacoff, Luis
Jiménez, C.
Datos de publicación:
Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society, Vol.51, N°2, 901-904, 2006
Espectometría de absorción atómica - Micropogonias manni - Bioindicadores - Lago Budi
This study determined the concentration of copper in the species Micropogonias manni, a fish found in Lake Budi, which is much consumed by the population of Puerto Dominguez, IX Region of Chile. The determinations were done by atomic absorption spectrometry with flame, taking into account the sex, weight and size of the species, and, as representative samples, liver and muscle tissue. The validation of the methodology was done by using certified reference material (fish muscle), The copper concentration found in the liver fluctuated between 3,1 - 323,4 μg g-1, while for muscle tissue it was between 0,7 - 27,0 μg g-1, dry weight. The maximum copper values found in muscle tissue, are greater than those found by other authors in various fish species. Statistical analysis showed that in muscle tissue, the sex, length and weight variables have no bearing on copper concentration; however, in the liver, the length and weight variables are significant.