Political Rights of the Chilean Women. Androcentric Construction in the Discourse of History Textbooks

Fernandez Darraz, Maria Cecilia
Datos de publicación:
This article reports the language resources that show the androcentric approach in the discourse of eight textbooks of history, distributed by the Chilean Government to public schools. In particular, I analyzed the discoursive mechanisms used to hide the hegemonic male power in the historical construction of process of achieving women's right to suffrage in Chile, during the first half of the twentieth century. Based on Critical Discourse Studies, on the proposal of Representation of Social Events, and on the Appraisal Framework, the research concludes that male power is hidden in the construction of women as passive social actors, beneficiaries of the actions of others; in the representation of women as social actors emerging, valued for their tenacity; and in the omission of patriarchal social structure in which are based gender historically asymmetrics relationships.