Karyological study in the chilean rhatany Krameria cistoidea Hook. & Arn. (Krameriaceae)

Palma Rojas, Claudio
Jara Seguel, Pedro
Von Brand Skopnik, Elisabeth
Araya Jaime, Cristian
García, M.
Datos de publicación:
BAG. Journal of basic and applied genetics, Vol. 30, N° 2, 21-25, 2019
Krameria - Karyotype - C-banding
The karyotype of the plant species Krameria cistoidea Hook. & Arn. was studied by assessing chromosome characters such as morphology, size, and C-banding pattern. The karyotype of K. cistoidea was composed only by metacentric chromosomes in the two populations studied. The haploid set length was 51.9±2.3 µm and the mean chromosome size was 8.68±0.78 µm. Some similarities in chromosome morphology and size can be observed among K. cistoidea and K. triandra, in addition to the chromosome number 2n=12 which is conserved within the genus. K. cistoidea exhibited a symmetric banding pattern with large C-bands in the telomeres of the short and long arms of all chromosomes, except the short arm of pair 1. The relative length of the C-bands was 23.5% of the total haploid set length. These cytological results on K. cistoidea are the first data on quantitative karyotype morphology and C-banding patterns in the genus Krameria