Defense of metaphysical realism in the work of Sir Karl R. Popper

Lagomarsino Montoya, Mario
Guillermo Estay Sepulveda, Juan
Mansilla Sepúlveda, Juan
Veliz Burgos, Alex
Salazar Cayuleo, Hector
Datos de publicación:
AMAZONIA INVESTIGA,Vol.10,34-44,2021
After the appearance of quantum mechanics in the first half of the twentieth century, wich meant a huge advance in science and particularly in physics, with a radiation above all the task of the scientific communities of the world. It has been one of the most successful theories in the history of scientific thought. However, their problems of interpretation were and are very complex. Sir Karl R. Popper attempted to defend the position of the 'metaphysical realism' in the face of this true Tsunami, produced by quantum theory. In this text, we review this situation carried out by Popper in front of the quantum interpretation of the world. For its part, the objective of this article is related to exploring the importance of metaphysical realism in the work of science. While the methodology used would be related to taking a great scientific fact, as was the case with quantum theory, and carrying out an analysis around the various interpretations of it that they imply, finally the discussion about metaphysical realism as a assumption that gives meaning to scientific work.