Detention, formalization and judicialization of social protest in southern Chile: the continuum of state violence during the social explosion of October 2019

Le Bonniec, Fabien
Martinez Canoles, Wladimir
Vicuna Salas, Millaray
Datos de publicación:
The 'Social Crisis' of October 2019 in Chile has been the scene of numerous human rights abuses and violations, mainly committed by state officials. The Chilean justice system, in particular the judiciary, has played a key role in condemning these events. Nevertheless, the courts have also failed to avoid becoming, in some cases, a space to reproduce violence. We propose to describe, through ethnographic work and case studies from police stations to courts, the bureaucratic routines and procedural logic that contributes to the reproduction and invisibility of violence in court spaces within the context of social mobilisation in Chile. We will focus on three cases observed in the context of detention hearings which tell us about the characteristics and dynamics of these procedures and routines alongside the discursive apparatus associated with them. These tend to legitimise, naturalise and/or make invisible physical and symbolic violence exerted towards the accused-arrested in the context of social protest.