Implementation of a waste stabilization pond management model in the Venezuelan rural environment. Case: El Pinar, Pan American Zone, Merida State, Venezuela

Espinosa-Jimenez, Carlos
Ramirez-Rodriguez, Stefanny
Mejias-Monsalve, Mabel
Jegat-Nicolo, Herve
Barreto-Cordero, Wilmer
Datos de publicación:
CIENCIA E INGENIERIA,Vol.42,263-+,2021
This paper presents the implementation and illustration of a Waste Stabilization Pond Management Model in the rural environment, in the town of El Pinar, Pan American Zone, Merida State, Venezuela. The Management Model contemplates environmental, social and technical-economic aspects to achieve sustainability. The environmental aspects considered the identification and mitigation of environmental impacts, in the construction and operation phases, as well as the use of effluent and by-products of ponds systems. For social aspects, the indicators of Environmental Social Equity of Drinking Water and Sewerage Services Coverage are provided. The technical-economic aspects involve the Hydrodynamic Study of the implemented pond prototype, the Organizational Model and the Economic Viability. Among the conclusions and recommendations, there are the multiple advantages and benefits when implementing a Conceptualized Stabilization Pond Management Model based on the sustainability triangle.