Contribution to the knowledge of the lichen biota of Katalalixar National Reserve, Patagonia, Chile

Villagra, Johana
Alors, David
Casanova Katny, Angélica
Datos de publicación:
GAYANA BOTANICA,Vol.77,38-47,2020
Lichens are recognized as bioindicators of ecosystem processes associated with environmental disturbances. However, its evaluation in the time requires systematic records of biodiversity which are non-existent in the Katalalixar National Reserve. The aim of this study was to catalog the richness and distribution of lichen biota of Katalalixar National Reserve, not only by identifying the species but interpreting them in their ecological and biogeographic context. By random sampling in Nothofagus nitida, Pilgerodendron uviferum forests and peat bogs 70 species were identified, belonging to 32 families and 65 genera. A high number of endemism was found, with 34% of the species endemic to Southern South American and the Chilean endemic Pseudocyphellaria guzmanii constitutes a new record for the Aisen Region.