Desde la base: Globalización y el desafío del desarrollo comunitario rural

Clark, Tim
Datos de publicación:
CUHSO, Vol.7, Nº1, 63-64, 2003
This contribution provides a summary of a series of roundtables which took place at York University in January 2003. The encountel; organized by the Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERUC), brought together a diverse group of academics, non-govemmental organizations, and representatives of the general public to discuss the challenges of rural community development in the era of neoliberal globalization. Topics ranged from economic globalization, agriculture, and ecology to culture and identity, and the development policies of the Govemment of Canada. Case studiespresented by the participants covered a wide variety of nations, including Chile, Ecuadol; Laos, Cambodia, and Mexico, among others. It is the hope of the author that, in the spirit of the encountel; this short piece can contribute to the development of linkages across the hemisphere between those interested in the issues of rural development and economic globalization.