Littoral crustaceans in lakes of Conguillio National Park (38°S), Araucania region, Chile

De los Ríos Escalante, Patricio
Romero Mieres, Mario
Datos de publicación:
Crustaceana, Vol.82, Nº1, 117-119, 2009
Crustáceos - Ecosistema - Parque Nacional Conguillio
Conguillio National Park, an area protected by the Chilean government and characterized by the presence of mainly Araucaria araucana, coexisting there with Nothofagus antarctica (G. Forst) Oerst., N. pumilio, and N. dombeyi, was studied for littoral crustaceans. Four lakes including Verde, Arcoiris, Conguillio, and Captren, were taken into consideration. Horizontal hauls were made in the littoral zones with an Apstein net with 20 cm mouth diameter and 100μm mesh size. Data of chlorophyll and humic acid concentrations collected in field work in December 2005, were considered in interpreting the results. The crustacean fauna was characterized by the presence of the amphipod, Hyalella araucana Grosso & Peralta, at all sites studied. The sites studied show low chlorophyll concentrations and relatively low contents of humic acids.