Assessment of the applicability of the ISO 14001 standard in companies in the IX Araucania region-Chile

Datos de publicación:
Informacion Tecnologica, Vol. 13, N°3, 35-40, 2002
Norma ISO 14001 - Certificación medioambiental
Analysis of the applicability of environmental certification standards (ISO 14001) in companies in Chile's IX Region by carrying out an environmental survey and identifying the factors, which support or limit the application of the present laws is presented. Variables evaluated included legal aspects, training, and environmental performance among others. The results demonstrated that companies are gradually incorporating environmental considerations into their management processes, especially under the requirements of Law 19. 300 on General Environmental Fundamentals passed in 1994. It is shown that additional factors such as environmental training and familiarity with the environmental standard, facilitate the implementation of environmental legislation. Limitations on this implementation include lack of economic resources and dissatisfaction with the functioning of environmental legislation in Chile. It is concluded that companies in the IX Araucanía Region have few limitations for implementing the environmental management systems ISO 14001.