Interculturalism in state interventions: How far? How close? The urgent need for an intersectional praxis in the work with Mapuche families

Mella Aguilera, Cristhie
Datos de publicación:
PUNTO GENERO,Vol.,97-115,2020
This article discusses part of the findings from a doctoral research conducted in the Araucania region, and whose focus was to explore gender constructions as discourses embedded in professional strategies from organizations that collaborate with the area of protection in Sename. The interest was to observe dominant constructions regarding fathers, mothers and carers within the strategies implemented with the children's families as services 'users. A theme highlighted by the professionals was the complexities of professional practice in addressing violence in these families, with major tensions in contact with Mapuche families and their particular contexts. Therefore, it was possible to observe he tensions that exist in the approaches with emerging narratives that reflect a dominant discourse revealing the contradictions within intercultural policies.