Patrimonial education for the management of cultural heritage in Chile

Montanares Vargas, Elizabeth
Muñoz L., Carlos
Vásquez L., Gabriela
Datos de publicación:
Opcion, Vol.34, N° 87, 1370-1390, 2018
Educacion Patrimonial - Patrimonio Cultural-Chile - Gestión del Patrimonio - Patrimonio-Enseñanza
The implementation of the heritage education is related to the formation of the teaching staff and the valuation of the patrimonial goods as artifacts of education. The aims of this study was to identify Patrimonial Education as a management tool to incorporate patrimony values in young people, starting from their use as a teaching strategy in future history teachers. We worked from an interpretative paradigm, with a hermeneutical orientation and a descriptive-qualitative methodological approach. It was concluded that the use of patrimony allowed linking students with their own identity, building knowledge around local history, and even family history.