Atmospheric delay for electromagnetic signals associated with space / time variations of the refractive index in the lower atmosphere: Applications in spatial geodesy

Henríquez, Víctor
Fustos, Ivo
Cordoba, M.
Aravena, C.
Datos de publicación:
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Vol. 1043, N° 1, 2018
Geodesia - Satélites Geodésicos - Electromagnetismo - Atmósfera
The feasibility quantifying atmospheric delay of electromagnetic signals using a mesoscale numerical model (WRF model) is explored. The experiment investigates a new alternative to reduce uncertainty sources in data exploitation for spatial geodesy applications. Our experiment was compared with GPS estimations of stations located in the South-America. The GPS estimations are consistent with values of our proposed methodology. This opens the possibility of using a mesoscale numerical model applied to spatial geodesy. However, these results, despite being promising, need further analysis and research, opening the opportunity to numerical modeling of atmospheric delays using mesoscale models.