Challenges to the didactic transposition and knowledge of the content in teaching of anatomy: Obstacles and projections

Datos de publicación:
International Journal of Morphology, Vol. 27, N°3, 743-750, 2009
Transposición didáctica - Enseñanza de anatomía - Conocimiento disciplinario
Teaching undergraduate level anatomy classes demands a "formation" based in competences that provides learning results, where both "saberes sabios" and "saberes didacticos" converge. For that purpose, a qualitative design of research was proposed with the intent of describing requirements and characteristics of the teaching of anatomy courses in the medical school at the Universidad Mayor in Temuco, based on "grounded theory", "Constant Comparative Method" and "Methodological Triangulation". The sampling was composed of the entire teaching staff for the anatomy courses. As a result of open coding five categories were identified, and for this article the most representative one has been chosen: "requirements and characteristics of the teaching of anatomy". The techniques used for gathering information were "ethnographic observation", "structured interview" and focus groups. Data"reduction" was done with help of software for qualitative data analysis called "Atlas-ti" v5.0. The results of the study reveal incoherencies of "epistemic" character in the "didactic performance" of the teaching staff, who base their practice from the experimental logic, staying away of methods "dialogicos dialecticos" needed in the current sociocultural "cartography" shown by undergraduate level students.