Critical appraisal of the Main Integrating Discipline of the Study Plan 'E' in the Bachelor of Primary Education major

Ovidio Calzadilla-Perez, Oscar
Montes de Oca-Jimenez, Yolexis
Roberto Arriagada-Hernandez, Carlos
Datos de publicación:
Improving the curriculum for teacher training is a pressing challenge for the university staffs. In this context, critical analysis of academic discipline programs, their didactic conception, coherence and contribution to the career training itinerary is imperative. The objective of this article is to socialize the critical assessment of the Main Integrative Discipline of the Study Plan 'E' in the Bachelor of Primary Education career. At the methodological level, criteria were constructed in an operative way to assess academic disciplines that use documentary analysis as a fundamental method, their results are triangulated with the systematization of experiences, qualitative research techniques and theoretical methods. The fundamental results are the identification of the weaknesses of the program and the continuity actions from the methodological work and the curricular research; all this in coherence with the current improvement of Cuban Higher Education.