Facial recognition of emotions and development of empathy through Mediated Reading of children's literature

Riquelme Mella, Enrique
Munita, Felipe
Jara Illanes, Enriqueta
Montero, Ignacio
Datos de publicación:
CULTURA Y EDUCACION,Vol.25,375-388,2013
The literature in Psychology and Education has studied in depth procedures of detection and early attention of children with emotional and behavioural problems in the classroom, promoting programmes to prevent these problems. Facial recognition of emotions and empathy have been widely documented as one of the mainstays in pro-social behaviour. However, there are few empirically validated and published studies on the development of these basics dimensions. This paper reports the results of implementing a Mediated Reading children's literature programme as a tool for the development of emotional competencies, specifically facial recognition of emotions and empathy in preschool and school age children. To evaluate the effectiveness of the programme, a quasi-experimental design with a quasi-control group was employed. The results indicate that those children who were part of the Mediated Reading group showed a significant breakthrough in facial recognition of emotions and empathy in relation to those who were part of the Traditional Reading group.