No exclusions: Catholicism, women and distributed leadership

Arenas, Sandra
Datos de publicación:
TEOLOGIA Y VIDA,Vol.61,537-553,2020
Inclusion - distributed leadership - synodalization - ecclesial power -
The background of power abuses in the Catholic Church have led us to consider the logic behind both ecclesial power and leadership. The conciliar theology of the triplex munus of Jesus applied to all and, at the same time, some members of the clergy, installed several doctrinal juxtapositions that have prevented the development of an homogeneity between men and women in positions of leadership and administration of ecclesial power. In this paper, we discuss the critical social theory of distributed leadership with the dynamics of synodalization of the Church. We postulate that a leadership built and exercised communally demands characteristics of power that are different from current ones and entails as a correlate the inexorable inclusion of women.

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