Are there unions in La Araucania? Organizational problems in research and action experiences

The Union organizations live a complex scenario in Chile. Meanwhile the institutional reforms are succeeding from one government to another, the organizations have problems to preserve their level of incidence in labor relations and in their public positioning. In this context, we present a research work that aims to strengthen three union federations, with less than a decade of existence, in the region of La Araucania, Chile. Precisely, in this article we expose the experience of a collective and participative research process, which seeks to show the heterogeneity of regional unionism in its objectives and practices. Problematizing the union dynamics observed in relation to some of the territorial particularities of the regional context. Finally, we present some reflections emanating from this investigative exercise, framed in a regional labor research agenda, aimed at recognizing the capabilities installed at the territorial level. Fostering the creation, and the reinforcement, of links between actors of the technical-scientific apparatus and union actors, with the aim of contributing to the transfer of knowledge that has an impact on the strengthening of union organizations.

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