Neurocracy: Democracy of the Third Millennium

Democracy is a chimera for many who feel that she will never knock on her doors. But that democracy is already part of a past when it comes to seeing science move forward and the world begins a gap between those who have and those who do not have in every sense of thinking and acting of the human. In these new times of social media-fed cyber millennialism on the one hand and laboratories on the other hand, the new war for those who master thought will be fought at the bit level and Artificial Intelligence. This is where neurocracy begins its journey as -perhaps- the new way of living and living together. The objective of this essay is to make known how this new way of thinking, feeling, and acting of human coexistence is entering into our daily work. The results obtained when thinking about the work, is of having shown that the middle maas and AI have arrived to stay in an increasingly dystopian planetary scenario.

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