Scoping review of tests to assess tactical knowledge and tactical performance of young soccer players

This scoping review aimed to systematically map studies/tests for assessing the tactical domain of young soccer players. The study followed the PRISMA-ScR and Joanna Briggs Institute guidelines. The databases searched were Scopus, SPORTDiscus, SciELO, LILACS, and BDTD. The eligibility criteria were defined based on the elements of population, context, and concept, without restrictions on the period, language, and type of publication. Twenty-four papers were included, from 1997 to 2020, totalling 29 tests/instruments for the assessment of the tactical domain, with the majority of studies having an European sample. Twelve terms were used to nominate the tactical component, regardless of the assessment method and approach. Six tests met eight or nine criteria in the critical appraisal: TCTOF, TACSIS Spanish version, Semi-Structured Interview, TCTP-OE, GPET, and FUTSAT. Thus, it is concluded that studies and tests for the assessment of the tactical domain of young soccer players are recent and mainly European; there is no consensus about the adopted terminology; and few tests met the majority of the quality criteria. Therefore, we suggest: a) the construction/adaptation of tests with samples from other continents; b) the use of the proposed criteria; and c) that the terms tactical knowledge and tactical performance are adopted.

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