Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of Patagonian blenny, Eleginops maclovinus (Perciformes: Eleginopidae) with phylogenetic consideration

Patagonian blenny (Eleginops maclovinus) is the only member of Eleginopidae family. It has been an important resource for Chilean artisanal fishermen communities, however, capture volumes have progressively decreased over last decades likely because overfishing, and concerns for conservation of this species have rised. In this work, mitochondrial DNA of E. maclovinus was fully sequenced using NGS technology. The mitochondrial genome is 16,960bp long, showing high similarity with other Antarctic fishes. Phylogenetic analysis showed E. maclovinus closer to Nototheniidae and Channichthyidae families within Notothenioidei suborder. As conclusion, we obtained and described the complete mitogenome from E. maclovinus, which constitute a valuable and useful resource for population genetic study and monitoring, as well as for further conservation efforts on this species.

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