Vocational desires that encourage teacher training in Physical Education

Mujica Johnson, Felipe - del Carmen Orellana-Arduiz, Nelly
Datos de publicación:
REVISTA EDUCACION,Vol.43,496-507,2019
Desires - Vocation - Physical Education - Affectivity
Teaching as a vocation pertains to the hidden curriculum. When one decides to enter teaching, this considered to be a more subjective component since it does not formally influence our decision to become teachers and should not be deemed as less important for that reason. The reasons why someone decides to become a teacher is very important for the future of that person's career. The objective of this study is to classify the different aspirations among the students participating in the study, that influenced their decision to become Physical Educations teachers and major in that field at the University of Playa Ancha in Valparaiso, Chile. The study focused on qualitative aspect of twenty students (12 males and 8 females) currently attending classes during the third semester of the academic school year. The data was gathered using a non-structured questionnaire and a focus group and later analyzed through a Grounded Theory approach. Atlas.ti 75 software was used. The results presented four classifications: a) the students' personal background, b) influence on the community, c) improvement of social risk factors and d) personal satisfaction. It can be concluded that when students decide to major in this field, they wished to be a social stakeholder with the power of social transformation, occupying positions at educational institutions, such as community educational areas and a great emphasis to counteract healthcare problems experienced or identified though their staff. It is recommended that university faculty include the vocational aspirations of the students as part of their training.

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