Spermatological research of experimentally farmed Patagonian blenny (Eleginops maclovinus) (Perciformes: Eleginopsidae) in Chile

Spermatological research of the Patagonian blennie was carried, specifically biometric parameters, sperm density, sperm count and motility in different activation mediums (815, 716, 590 and 0mOSmkg(-1)), at different temperatures (5, 10 and 15 degrees C) and pH levels (5, 7 and 9). The results indicate that Patagonian blennie spermatozoa have a primitive form, with a total length of 44.09 +/- 3.36m, with a head length of 2.15 +/- 0.28m and head width of 2.5 +/- 0.31m. The mid-piece had a length of 0.72 +/- 0.12m, and its tail measures 41.21 +/- 3.21m long. The motility pattern indicates that the spermatozoa are found immobile in the seminal plasma and only initiates its movement in a hypertonic medium from 590 to 815mOsmkg(-1). The longest motility time that was registered at 10 degrees C in 716mOSmkg(-1) was of 245 +/- 39s and an optimum pH of 7 was observed.

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