Assessing the effectiveness of green synthetized silver nanoparticles with Cryptocarya alba extracts for remotion of the organic pollutant methylene blue dye

In the present work, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) synthetized with Cryptocarya alba (Peumo) leaf extract were studied. The fabrication method was fast, low cost, and eco-friendly, and the final properties of AgNPs were determined by experimental parameters, such as AgNO3 and Peumo extract concentrations used. Setting suitable experimental conditions, crystalline AgNPs with apparent spherical forms and average diameter around 3.5nm were obtained. In addition, the capability of synthesized Peumo-AgNPs to remove methylene blue dye (MB) in aqueous solution as well as their catalytic effectiveness was also investigated. The results showed that green synthesized AgNPs can remove fast and effectively the MB dye from aqueous medium by itself, but better results were found acting like catalyst by using sodium borohydride (NaBH4) in the reaction. In addition, this green nanomaterial can be recycling several times maintaining initial properties for removal of MB. Thus, AgNPs synthetized with Peumo leaf extracts could be an excellent catalyst candidate for degradation of blue methylene dye in chemical industries.

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