The Digital Era from a Humanist Psychology Viewpoint

Faced with the Digital Age, humanity confronts new junctures in the social and psychological spheres. The appearance of phenomena such as Internet addiction, depression associated with excessive device usage and the loss of real spaces in favor of an increasing virtuality, in addition to natural resource depletion, set off alarms about health and the type of life that is carried out in societies. Fast and immediate life seems to place people in new spaces whose impacts still come out of the knowledge of the social sciences. It is here that Humanist Psychology, officially appearing in 1961, can give us a more humane look. The return to human experiences, emotions, the value of the individual and feelings of self-realization can lay the foundations of a new thought that sheds light on current problems. That is why the goal of this work was to point out some problems that arose with the digital era, and then cast on them the perspective offered by Humanist Psychology in order to revitalize efforts towards a healthier life both among individuals, as well as in the environment.

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