Supplementation of Citric Acid and Amino Acid Chelated Trace Elements in Low-Fish Meal Diet for Rainbow Trout Affect Growth and Phosphorus Utilization

Hernández Arias, Adrián - Satoh, Shuichi - Kiron, Viswanath
Datos de publicación:
This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of citric acid (CA) and amino acid chelated trace elements (AA) on the growth, phosphorus (P) utilization efficiency and loading in rainbow trout fed a diet formulated with a low-fish meal (FM) concentration. A low-FM basal diet with or without monocalcium phosphate supplementation served as positive and negative control correspondingly. Dietary treatments consisted of the basal diet supplemented either with 1% CA, AA (equivalent to 40 Zn, 20 Mn, and 4 Cu mg/Kg of diet instead of inorganic trace element mix) or a combination of both. Duplicate groups of 35 fish (13.2 g) were fed until apparent satiation during 12 wk. Group of fish fed diets supplemented with 1% CA or AA had a final growth and feed utilization similar to that observed in fish fed the positive control diet (P > 0.05). P absorption was increased with the addition of CA or AA. P retention efficiency rates for these diets were higher in comparison with the rest of the treatments consequently showing the lowest P loading values (P < 0.05). The results indicate that addition of 1% CA or AA, to a low-FM diet without inorganic P supplementation enhanced fish growth, P retention, and decreased P load to the environment.

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