Effect of prepartum supplementation with selenized yeast or parenteral barium selenate in blood selenium concentrations in dairy cows and their offspring

Neumann Vásquez, Javier - Ceballos, A. - Chihuailaf VIvánco, Ricardo - Bohmwald, H. - Sepulveda, M. - Wittwer, F. - Quiror, E.
Datos de publicación:
selenium - colostrum - blood
In order to evaluate the effect of supplementation with two sources of selenium (Se) in blood and colostrum Se concentration in cows and their offspring, fourty three Holstein pregnant cows were used. Cows were randomly divided into three groups, and thirteen cows were supplemented one month before parturition with an organic source of Se (3 mg/cow/day p.o) (Se-yeast), another group of 15 cows was supplemented with a single dose of barium selenate (1 mg Se/kg LW SC) (Se-barium) and a third group of 15 cows remained un-supplemented (Control). Blood and colostrum Se concentrations of cows at calving and their offspring were similar between groups (P > 0.05). However, blood activity of glutathione peroxidase increased in cows supplemented with Se-yeast (307 +/- 21 U/g Hb) and Se-barium (320 +/- 25 U/g Hb) compared to the control group (221 +/- 14 U/g Hb) (P < 0.05). Similar findings are observed in the offspring. It is concluded that prepartum supplementation with Se as Se-yeast or Se-barium as used in this experiment does not alter blood and colostrum selenium concentrations in cows and their calves.

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