Distributional patterns of the South American species of Hyalella (Amphipoda: Hyalellidae)

Distributional patterns of the South American species of the freshwater amphipod genus Hyalella were analysed using a panbiogeographic approach. Five generalized tracks were found: (1) northern Andes to Lake Titicaca (H. dielaii, H. meinerti, H. dybowskii, H.jelskii, H. lubominsky, and H. pauperocavae; (2) lake Titicaca (H. armata, H. cuprea, H. latinamus, H. lucifugax, H. montforti, H. neveulemairei, H. robusta, H. tiwanaku, H. simplex simplex, and H. solida); (3) central Andes (H. fossamancinii and H. kochi); (4) Pampas (H. bonariensis, H. caeca, H. castroi, H. longispina, H. montenegrinae, H. pampeana, H. pernix, H. pseudoazteca, and H. warmingii); and (5) Subantarctic (H. patagonica H. costera, H. curvispina, H. chiloensis, H. falklandensis, H. franciscae, H. neonoma, H patagonica, and H simplex). One node was found at lake Titicaca (intersection of generalized tracks 1, 2, and 3).

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