Effects of a learning and service program on the development of prosociality and positive attitudes toward immigration in physical education

The aim of this study was to analyse the effect of a programme based on the learning and service strategy (LS) on the development of pro-social attitudes and attitudes towards immigration. Forty-five students Secundary (20 boys and 25 girls) with an average age of 14.47 years (+/- 0.69) participated. A quasi-experimental design was used. The intervention lasted five months (23 sessions) through the design and development of sports events. The results show a significant improvement in prosocial attitudes in the students who gave the service. However, there were no differences in attitudes towards immigration. On the other hand, the participants valued positively the organization and its contribution in the education in values and improvement of coexistence. It is beneficial to enrich the curriculum with ApS experiences in order to offer authentic learning experiences to the students.

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