Blood cytology of the common jollytail (Galaxias maculatus) (Jenyns, 1842) (Osmeriformes: Galaxiidae) at postlarval and adult stages

'Puye' (Galaxias maculatus) is a small freshwater fish species of great interest to Chilean aquaculture diversification, because of the high commercial value reached by its transparent larvae or 'cristalino'. This study presents the first data with regard to blood cytology in larvae and adults of this specie. Blood smears stained with May Grunwald-Giemsa were analysed through optical microscopy. The results show that in G. maculatus larvae the flowing blood has a transparent look and mature erythrocytes were not observed, as opposed to the adults of this species where the complete erythrocyte developmental line could be observed. In leucocytes, there was no presence of coarse grain cells such as basophils and eosinophyls. In general, the morphology of the blood cells found in larvae and adults of G. maculatus have the same characteristic traits as described elsewhere in reports of other teleosts.

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