Spatial differences in the diet of the Magellanic horned owl Bubo magellanicus ( Gmelin, 1788) in central Chile

Bubo magellanicus is a nocturnal raptor with a wide distribution in the southern cone of South America. The diet of B. magellanicus in central Chile was analysed, using the pellet analysis method. Bubo magellanicus was found to consume mainly rodents (44.8%), lagomorphs (22.0%) and birds (23.6%). The most frequent rodents were Abrocoma bennetti (18.2%) and Abrothrix longipilis (7.3%). On the other hand, a comparison of the diet of B. magellanicus with previous studies showed that the main prey species were small mammals and that the proportion of birds and insects was higher in sites located in central Chile. In addition, the geometric mean weight of prey captured decreased in sites located in southern Chile; however, the trophic niche breadth showed no clear change in the five locations analysed. Finally, the prey diversity in the diet of the B. magellanicus between sites located in three ecoregions of Chile showed significant differences.

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