Self-study: Understanding our reflective pedagogical practices and how to promote them in future nursery educators

This article presents a work we have carried out through the Self Study methodology and is part of a project awarded by the OEI. We are two academics who participate in this research, we perform within the scope of the Initial Training of future educators of preschool children in private Catholic Universities of Chile, belonging to the CRUCH (Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities). The study aims to investigate our own practices, in order to visualize how these affect the reflection processes of the students who attend the training courses. From the narration of our classes, the analysis of videos and the use of the 'ticket out' made by the students, we managed to identify that, in order to enhance a better capacity for reflection, the feedback and accompaniment in the initial training must contemplate affective aspects, attention to diversity, generation of questions that invite reflection and an inclusive learning environment that favour participation. We have become aware that these elements are relevant and we should incorporate them intoour training practices, intentionally and systematically.

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