Long-term effects of a mediated reading programme on the development of emotional competencies

Emotional competencies are considered protective factors against behaviour problems and have been associated with adequate social and academic development. Early intervention means a greater chance of stability and development of these skills; however, few programmes address these aspects and evaluate their effectiveness in the short, middle or long term. Our research goal was to implement an early intervention programme for the development of emotional competencies based on the mediated reading of children's literature and to evaluate its long-term effectiveness. Participants were 115 children between the ages of five and eight who were divided into two groups. To assess the impact of the programme, a factorial design was implemented with four independent variables. The Mediated reading' and Traditional reading' groups were compared on measures of facial emotion recognition, empathy and emotional regulation. Results indicate that the mediated reading group showed the best performance on all the dimensions evaluated, with significant differences from the traditional reading group. The study concludes by analysing the outcomes and limitations of the programme implemented.

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