Literary anthropology: Intercultural language of the human sciences

Carcamo Landero, Solange
Datos de publicación:
literary anthropology - human sciences - cross-cultural - interpretant body
This article presents an analysis and reflection on the possibilities and limits of literary anthropology as a restatement of the human sciences in contexts of cultural diversity. For this purpose, a reflection around three great subjects is presented: the relationship between body and language, the construction of an interdisciplinary look, and the relationship between cultures. It is claimed that the form of suggestive, transgressing and expressive writing that constitutes literary anthropology is both a new language and a humanistic metadiscourse of the human sciences. The narrow relationship between the work of a writer and that of a social researcher or social scientist proposed, as inescapably necessary, is just to give an account of the richness or diversity of daily life. This would open a way in order to overcome the amalgam of subjectivism and objectivism prevailing in the social sciences.

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