Surroundings as a Key Element for Emotional Regulation at School: Analysis of Contexts of Social and Cultural Diversity

Fuentes Vilugron, Gerardo Andres
Datos de publicación:
REVISTA EDUCACION,Vol.44,544-563,2020
Cultural Diversity - Emotions - Surroundings - Emotional Regulation
Surroundings and emotions are influential aspects of human development and learning. The school context is one of the most relevant surroundings for early childhood. This article addresses problems apparent in Chile's schools linked to decontextualization of content resulting from indifference to indigenous knowledge and awareness regarding surroundings and emotional regulation. The objective is to analyze and how surroundings influence emotional regulation according to western and indigenous social and cultural diversity in a school setting. Research methodology is based on a systematic search, analysis and interpretation of theoretical content about one's surroundings in relation to emotional and affective regulation. Chile's Mapuche indigenous community, has impacted the traditional notion of how school settings are understood by adding a level of complexity, depth and multidimensionality. However, this is not a consideration of Chilean schools which only to embrace western sources of knowledge, ignoring how this will impact the identity and emotional self-regulation of groups considered to be socially and culturally diverse.

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