Integration of IP telephony with SIP standards and connectivity peering: case study of Catholic University of Temuco

Mellado Gatica, Alejandro - Lévano Huamaccto, Marcos - Fernandez, MF - Lefranc, GH - Perez, R
Datos de publicación:
2015 CHILEAN Conference on Electrical, Electronics Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies (CHILECON),Vol.,275-280,2015
VoIP - peering - telephony - standardization - software
The development of SIP protocols has allowed for the implementation of IP telephone services, which have been using existing data connectivity infrastructures since the early 21st century. However, while there' currently a large variety of solutions and devices, there is no noticeable movement towards international standardization of VolP services. Instead, local and global implementation still depends on the willingness and skill level of engineers and technicians in each project area. This article discusses the implementation of locally and globally connected standard IP telephony - examined through two case studies - in which various free software technologies are successfully integrated.

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