Design of a graduation examen by competences for Law curriculum

In this paper, we present the experience of designing a graduation exam by competencies for the law curriculum at Universidad Catolica de Temuco. For this purpose, through the implementation of an Academic Innovation Project, in first place the state of the art was set, and then a preliminary proposal was elaborated. This proposal was put to experts' consideration, as well as tested in focus groups with students and faculty members, and then reworked with the information collected. The final proposal was tested, simulating the application of the designed exam. The proposition is a two parts exam; the first consisting in the resolution of three cases, during the last semester of the curriculum, and the second in an oral defense of one of the cases. With this system is possible to find a balance between the necessary coherence among the graduation exam and teaching by competencies, without renouncing to this traditional landmark in law teaching in Chile.

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